Results First

Successful client outcomes are what matter most at The Lapeze Firm. You’ll find that many firms lose focus on the client’s ultimate goals by concentrating solely on billing activity or expanding their own profitability. We don’t believe that’s the right way to do business. We believe that if we deliver successful, highly efficient results to our clients, our personal success will follow.

We Align Our Interests With Our Clients

We welcome your input and will prompt you to engage us in discussions about alternative and non-traditional fee agreements. We also guarantee our rates for at least two years with traditional fee arrangements in order to provide corporate counsel with more predictable litigation budgets.

A Different Approach to Litigation

The Lapeze Firm is centrally located on the north side of downtown Houston, Texas.
Inside Vine Street Studios. A spacious historic atmosphere near the Harris County Courthouse.

At the Houston law firm of The Lapeze Firm, you will be represented by a highly skilled attorney and his staff who have high-stakes, real-world courtroom experience.  Our team provides a level of sophistication coupled with a value proposition that is unequaled in today's legal market.

Before opening the doors of The Lapeze Firm, Keith Lapeze led a successful career at one of the most prestigious law firms in the country. Why did he leave? The answer is very simple. He knew that he could offer his clients the exact same talent, experience and quality legal representation as the large firms but at a much better value. This idea is the foundation of The Lapeze Firm.

Keith has expanded on his initial idea and developed a philosophy and policies that directly address the dissatisfaction clients have with the legal services at most other law firms. This philosophy represents a new and better approach to litigation.

If you are ready for a new approach to litigation, where success, efficiency, and value are the keystones of every decision, please give the Lapeze Firm a call at 713-739–1010 or contact us online.